Reheating Instructions

 Valentines Box

First Course
Al Pastor spiced Cornish BBQ Monkfish Or Al Pastor spiced chicken thigh (GF)
Nixtamal blue corn tostada (For Frying)
Salsa Roja
Blood Orange

Second Course
Aged Tamworth rolled Pork Belly stuffed with cornbread, sourdough and black pepper dressing
Heritage English grain ‘risotto’ with BBQ squash and Winter greens
Green Sauce
Toasted seeds
(Contains Gluten, Eggs, Dairy and Sulphates)

Wnder chocolate ‘slice’
blood orange crema,
salted hazelnut and epazote crumb.
(Contains Eggs, Dairy, Nuts)

Hi guys

Thank you to everyone of you for ordering this menu this week. It’s been my best selling menu to date and has been quite the beast to cook!

To put into perspective, I managed to persuade some friends to come and help guys have bagged up 2,400 elements for this across the three plates to serve 400 people. The pork butchery and making of the stuffing/rolling and cooking was a full 2 day process alone, but when they came out I was over the moon, as i hope you will be in the eating.

As always a little about your produce:

The chicken is Springfield organic from Rossiters in Bournville, Birmingham.

The beautiful Monk was day boat catch from Cornwall (I didn’t go fishing, soz)

The amazing pork is Tamworth from North Yorkshire. I made all the cornbread myself using masa and sourdough.

The beaut grains for the risotto are farro and spelt which is all organic from Hodmedods, the BBQ squash is folded through it with the greens laid out on top.

The chocolate is from my homie Luke at WNDER chocolate.

All of the veg is from Worcester Produce in Evesham and local to them apart from the blood orange which are in season right now and are coming from Italy.


All food referred to as adding into water should be done as it comes in the bag unless stated differently.

Fill a boiled kettle into a large pot or saucepan. Place on the hob over a low flame.

To start I'd add the pork belly to the water as it will need 40 mins so this can be heating as you prep and eat your first plate.

The chicken needs 20 mins in the water.
The monkfish needs 10 mins, I'd advise turning the heat very low on the fish, it literally needs heating through very gently to keep its soft texture.

For the tostada shallow fry the tortilla in veg oil until crispy, set a side on kitchen paper to drain excess oil.

Arrange the fish slices or chicken on the tortilla, garnish with the red salsa, then onion and slice up a wedge of the blood orange to go on last, squeeze any remaining juice over, a little coriander if you have it. Before you eat I'd now add the risotto to the water, keep a medium heat, the risotto 15/20 mins.

The next step is to take the risotto out of the packet and empty into a pot. I'd advise making some stock by just adding a cube or stock pot to some water, you want it fairly strong and dont need a lot. The grains will have absorbed a lot of the stock it was cooked in so what we want to do here is let it out with a bit of the stock so its nice and loose/oozy. This process will only take a few mins as the food is already hot from the water, turn the heat up a little if you add to much water and make it to your desired consistency.

Check the pork is heated all the way through, 70°c is what we need if you have a probe. Slice it in half giving you 2 rounds. Place the risotto onto a warm plate and tap the bottom of the plate to distribute it evenly. Place the pork in the centre and pour over any cooking juices out of the bag. Spoon the green sauce around the risotto and or on the pork and finish with the toasted seeds.

For dessert leave the chocolate out to be at room temp, simply add to a plate, pour over the crema and garnish with the nuts.

I am uploading some videos to show these processes for the weekend and will be on my Instagram or website.

I have added a link to a playlist i have made with all my fave songs for loovers so if you enjoy Hip Hop, soul and a few interesting bits check it out. The first track is ace and is from the scene in Stranger Things Season 3 when Mike kisses Eleven! 😂

Please tag me in your pics and have a wonderful evening.

One luv,


Always ensure the meat is piping hot as ovens and hobs can vary and cooking times are only a guide.
All items should be refrigerated upon receipt

Main: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy and Sulphates
Dessert: Eggs, Dairy, Nuts

 All items Use By 15.02.2021

For Playlist

Open Spotify, Search, Camera and scan code.

Alternatively search Andy Stubbs and the Love is Love Playlist is there.



Take a look at all the amazing things Luke at Wnder Chocolate is doing here: