Reheating Instructions Taco Box

All items should be refrigerated on receipt

Place your bag of meat unopened in a pot or tray deep enough to cover the bag fully in water.

If using a hob simmer gently or if in the oven cook on low at 160°C for the given time.

Ox Cheek - Place bag into water and reheat slowly for 30 minutes

Chicken - roast in oven for approx 45 minutes on 170°c with a splash of water in the tray until piping hot

Frijoles (Black Beans) - place bag into pot of water for 15 mins.

To make Pico De Gallo - dice tomatoes, onions and chilli, season with salt and fresh lime. You can also add a little garlic to taste. Serve with chopped coriander.

Salsa Macha & Wild Garlic Crema - serve as a condiment

Tortilla - dry fry in a hot pan for 20 seconds a side, push down on them to maximise the amount of surface area the tortilla can touch in the pan, turn each on around 3/4 times. When hot keep in a towel til ready to serve to keep soft.


Other Items

Potatoes - 10 mins in unopened bag in water, then tip out of bag, coat in fat and cook for a further 10 mins in the oven at 180°c to crisp back up. Serve with a little of the garlic oil drizzled over

Cheesecake - ready to eat!



Salsa Macha contains peanuts and sesame
Wild Garlic Crema contains Dairy
Frijoles (Black Beans) contain Sulphites, Dairy, Gluten
Cheesecake contains Gluten, Dairy

Always ensure the meat is piping hot as ovens and hobs can vary and cooking times are only a guide.

All known allergens are listed. Any questions or queries please contact us