Reheating Instructions Beef Rib Kit

All items should be refrigerated on receipt


Hi guys, thanks for ordering the Beef Rib Kit this week.

The beef ribs are pretty special and the new salt chamber that Dunwood Farm are using is really making the beef even better.

Reheating Instructions

Take the beef ribs out of the bag and place onto a baking tray, pour a little water in just to create some steam.

Heat the oven to 160°c, cover the tray with foil and heat for 45 mins slowly to keep the moisture in and bring it back up to temp.

The beans can be heated back up in a saucepan, tip out of pot and reheat slowly.

For the salad simply slice your toms up, mix in a bowl with the pickles and feta, season to taste and drizzle with some nice oil.



Sulphites, Mustard

Always ensure the meat is piping hot as ovens and hobs can vary and cooking times are only a guide.

All known allergens are listed. Any questions or queries please contact us