Reheating Instructions

All items should be refrigerated on receipt

Reheating Instructions for all items

Use by date for all items is 15.02.21

Hi guys, thanks for ordering this year’s Valentines at home kit, we have enjoyed cooking everything for you and hope you enjoy all the work we have put into it.

Please refrigerate all of the items on arrival.

The pork is Packington free range, marinaded in a spice paste called achiote made from annatto seeds, its slightly sour and pungent. We smoked the pork then braised it wrapped in banana leaf.

The beef is all from Will and his Dad at Dunwood farm, its a mix of Longhorn, Angus and Hereford breeds using cheek and brisket. Its smoked simply seasoned with salt and pepper, smoked over oak then dressed with a chilli guajillo stock.

Sikil p’ak is a salsa made from toasted pumpkin seeds, charred tomato and fermented fava bean, its kinda like a Mexican hummus!

The salsa macha is made from fried peanuts, garlic and sesame, i use chilli guajillo and ancho then balance it with honey and vinegar, its a cross between peanut butter and an Asian chilli oil.

The onions are pickled with red wine vinegar, epazote and cassia bark.

Salsa roja is made with burnt tomato, onion and garlic then our blend of chilli morita, arbol and guajillo.

The crema is a mix of buttermilk and creme fresh, epazote and salt.

The fava beans are braised in veal stock then balanced with my house seasoning i use on the pork with herbs and vinegar, they are English grown and fully organic!

The brownie is a fudgey chocolate bomb with some pecans and a bit of bourbon!

To heat the meat simply pour a boiling kettle into a pot and add your meat sealed in its bag to the water, simmer (dont boil) for 20 mins, add the beans for the last 15 mins.

Dry fry your tortilla in a screaming hot frying pan, no oil, 30 seconds a side then hold in a tea towel.

The rest of the garnish is eaten cold but id take it out the fridge as you heat the meat so it’s room temp.

The brownie would love to be heated slightly at about 160 for a couple of minutes.

I look forward to seeing your pictures and hope you enjoy the meal.

Ive added a playlist if anyone wants to check out some of my soul faves (just copy the link below and paste into your browser)

Andy and Donna

Nuts, Peanuts, Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Sulphites, Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, Sesame, Legumes, Soy

This week everything has been made in an environment with nuts presents and as much as we keep sections separated while working with nuts they still may be traces in any of the dishes.

Always ensure the meat is piping hot as ovens and hobs can vary and cooking times are only a guide.

All known allergens are listed. Any questions or queries please contact us